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    30 Mar - 02 Apr
    Image: Farrows Creative

    Brewery Theatre

    Using music, balloons and too much wrapping paper, Shoofly Theatre shows how fun numbers can be with your friends. more info...


    09-11 Apr

    Brewery Theatre

    Made with input from soldiers and military spouses, Penelope RETOLD is an irreverent collision of classic myth, The Odyssey and contemporary rage. Get ready for a theatrical storm that sweeps through poetry, songs, comedy and YouTube clips towards a poignant and furious conclusion. more info...


    13-18 Apr

    Brewery Theatre

    Lorraine & Alan is a modern re-telling of the Selkie myth with a live soundscape and is winner of the Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence. It is about co-dependency and how those we love shape who we are. It is about moving out of your parents’ house and the sleepiness of little England. It is about delicious salty peanuts and… more info...


    Brewery Theatre This is a TF+ event

    Join the cast and director of Lorraine and Alan for a post-show Q&A. more info...

  • Image: Graham Burke

    Brewery Theatre

    In a sleepy suburb of Ottawa, Canada, adopted siblings Aaron and Claire recount tales from their turbulent childhood together. Weaving together a narrative that touches on mental illness, mail-order brides, and taboo sexuality, Little One is both humorous and hauntingly dark. Questioning the limits of love, family and self-sacrifice it asks how much are you willing to give for the… more info...

  • Brewery Theatre

    Dave returns home to find the locks changed and his girlfriend living with another man. In an attempt to win her back, he begins to insinuate himself into their lives. Under the surface of this witty, urban love triangle is an unsettling examination of the cycles of power and abuse. more info...

  • Brewery Theatre

    Woman lies dying of spite, attempting to avoid a confrontation with death, who waits in the wardrobe. Accompanied by Scarecrow, Woman is visited by her heartless husband, and her overbearing Auntie. Moving and funny, Woman and Scarecrow is a eulogy for a wasted life, from a woman unprepared for death. more info...

  • Brewery Theatre

    What if, for a small fee, you had the opportunity to meet with God? Believer or non-believer, would you be tempted? Earl Hunt is. more info...

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