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“As one of the top touring studio theatres in the UK, one of our greatest strengths is the sheer variety and quality of theatre and live performance on offer throughout the year. We want to continue to present the best touring work from across the country and overseas, including contemporary dance and theatre, Shakespeare, award-winning opera and brilliant comedy gigs. We are developing new collaborative partnerships with theatre directors, playwrights and other venues across the UK and internationally, so that we can bring the best of the best to Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol. However, I believe that some of the greatest shows at the theatre have been our own productions, including the Olivier Award nominated Cinderella: A Fairytale and over the next few years we will be creating many more in-house productions so that we can guarantee quality from start to finish and nurture and showcase home grown talent.

With over 100,000 people coming to Tobacco Factory Theatres to watch a show or take part in a community class last year, we know that Tobacco Factory Theatres is firmly rooted as a social and cultural hub in Bristol. We want to open ourselves up even more to our local community and expand our work with young people in Bristol. We want Tobacco Factory Theatres to be a part of your everyday life; we want to blow your minds with a whole new generation of talented theatre makers, thrill you with some of the masters of their art, and bring you the greatest theatre works of all time.

We hope that these are things you are excited to see happen at your theatre and we are asking you to be a part of making this a reality. As a registered charity, with very little subsidy from the public purse, Tobacco Factory Theatres needs your support at this pivotal moment in its history. Tobacco Factory Theatres is a strong, ambitious and independent organisation – we are proud to earn 85% of our turnover from the box office, but to realise this vision will cost more.”

Director, Ali Robertson, on why we need your support.

For details of how to help us reach this vision, please consider becoming a Tobacco Factory Theatres member. For details of the various schemes available, read more on the Membership page here.

One-off donations
Alternatively, we are extremely grateful to receive one-off donations at any value, big or small. To make a one-off donation to the theatre, please visit the Donations page here.

The Seating Appeal - Be Part of the Transformation
If you would like to find out more about the Seating Appeal, please click here.

Leave a Legacy
Leaving a gift in your will is simple and easy and legacies to charities are exempt from inheritance tax, which is an added bonus. If you would like to leave a gift to Tobacco Factory Theatres, your solicitor will help you update your will accordingly and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Please download the information on Leaving a Legacy in the Downloads section at the top right of this page.
To discuss how you can make a difference to Tobacco Factory Theatre’s future, please contact the Development Office on 0117 963 0949 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . We look forward to hearing from you.

For opportunities to work with the theatre through volunteering, please click on the Volunteering tab at the top of this page.



0117 963 0949

I have been to many theatres throughout my life but have never been more satisfied.

Jake Flood, audience member

Thank You!

We would like to say a big thank you to our Champions, Patrons, Benefactors and Fans for Life

Alison Ackroyd, Stephen & Jacqueline Banks, Mary Barnes, Maureen Bate, Jenny & Ken Biggs, Caroline Black, Amanda Bond, Paul Case, David & Shirley Clegg, George & Cynthia Dobson, Kate & Roger Edmondson, Tim Evans, Christopher Greef, Patricia Gregory, Judy Harrison, David Harrowes, Susan Hawkins, Terry Kemple, Lucy Koshiw, Yvette Kydd, Jonas Langner, Brenda Lowe, Simon Maddison, Roger & Jacqueline Maddrell, Frank Martin, Giles Mercer, Clare Mills, Norman & Janetta Mitchinson, Ian Muir, Anita Newall, Joanne Nicholson, Tim Nicholson, Simon Page, Albert & Pauline Pearson, Graham Pegg, Richard Pickett, Ian Ramsay, Alec Reid, Frances Roberts, Pat Rowe, Andrew Sinclair, Geraldine Smyth, Peter Soothill, Pamela Tait, Joanna Wallis, Helen Wehner, Clive Weston, Hilary Williams, Judith Williams, Carol Wood, Timothy Wood, Catherine Zollman

Martin & Mary Bailey, John Bedford, Rebecca Channack, David Croom, Joanna Cullum, Ann Eggers, Jack & Rosemary House, Ruth Illston, Paul Norris & Geraldine Winkler, Anthony Tollerton, Tim & Liz Roberston, Peter Sapsed, Andrew & Decia Smith, Andrew Whitelaw

Geoff Clements, Betty Cook, Alec Ewens, John & Susan Hart, Simon Inch, Vivien Kies, Tim & Judith Lockwood Jones & those who wish to remain anonymous

We also thank our Fans for Life for their early support:
Allen Aulton, Elisabeth Barnett, Joseph Bell, Neville Boundy, Philip Burnett, Geoffrey & Christine Clements, Jerry Cowhig MBE, Richard Drake & Heather Lister, Alec Ewens, Barbara M Florance, Sue Freathy, Selena Gray, FW Greenacre, Robert Hampson & Frances Giles, Paul & Jessica Handley, JWS & S Hart, Susan Holden, Rosemary Homer, Ruth & Stephen Illingworth, Simon Inch, Michelle Jeffery, Joan Johnson, Christine Jones, Vivien Kies, Barbara King, Judith & Tim Lockwood Jones, Adrian Mantle, JD & RD Milne, John Miles, Barry Moore, June Newport, Graham Pegg, Nigel Perkins, Barbara & Chris Reeve, Stephen Sayers, Anna Southall, Julian Thomas

“I support Tobacco Factory Theatres because I want to keep it going. The quality of the shows you put on cannot be found anywhere else; I really feel it is reaching new heights.” Philip Burnett, Fan for Life


0117 963 0949



Please note that you must be 18+years to volunteer for us.

Working with volunteers is central to our role in the local community and our identity as an open and accessible organisation. People feel an attachment to the theatre (and the building) over and above that of audience member. Tobacco Factory Theatres isn’t just somewhere to see a show; it represents a particular spirit and ethos - of inclusion, independence, creativity and aspiration - that have been vital contributors to the regeneration of the area and will remain vital as the organisation continues to go from strength to strength. 

We’re always rather overwhelmed by the amount of good will people feel towards Tobacco Factory Theatres and we want to be able to effectively harness that and give people the chance to get involved that they’re so keen for.  And there’s no getting away from the fact that it is incredibly helpful for us to be able to do this. The team behind Tobacco Factory Theatres is a small and very busy one, and help from volunteers is essential if we are to continue to give our audiences the great experiences they have come to expect from their visits here. Theatre volunteers help us keep going from day to day and consolidate our relationship with our audiences and the community and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

You can find out about what volunteering for us involves by downloading the pack to the right of this page. We currently only need distribution volunteers at the moment as we need Marketing help distributing flyers to publicise our shows around the city. We have a full complement of volunteers helping with Box Office and Front of House and have a waiting list for this, so please get in touch with your email address if you’d like to be notified when opportunities arise.

In exchange for your help, we have volunteer special offers on selected performances and invitations to Seasonal events!

If you are interested in Distribution volunteering, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Rusti on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)





Rusti Fells
0117 902 0345