Our Mission, Aims and Beliefs


    Our mission.

    Tobacco Factory Theatres produces and presents excellent art in unique, intimate spaces. It aims to be a cultural flagship for the local community, an innovative social and cultural hub and an inspirational model of urban renewal.

    Image: Simon Withyman

    Image: Simon Withyman


    1. We started as an experiment and we encourage experimentation.
    2. We are ambitious and we encourage ambition: we tell epic stories in small spaces.
    3. We seek as wide an audience for our work as possible.
    4. Our diverse programme is our cornerstone but we are a place of creation, development and learning, as well as performance.
    5. We never forget that our audience is our reason for existence.


    1. Be a cultural resource that is accessible to, and works positively for, its community.
    2. Produce and present a year-round rich and varied programme of theatre and other performing arts.
    3. Develop partnerships with individual artists, theatre companies, venues and other organisations locally, nationally and internationally.
    4. Be managerially and financially sustainable.