Once a season we curate a one night only, miniature festival around one of our productions, that really packs a punch. We invite you to explore the world and themes of the production through free pre-show activity in the Theatre Bar, watching the show and joining us for a lively post show debate. Theatre is about more than just sitting back and watching, theatre asks us to wake up, to listen, to respond and to REACT.

    REACT is produced by our team of Young Producers, it’s a night made by young people, for everyone.

    REACT is aimed at all our audiences, young or less young!

    “In a world where we struggle to be heard above the babble of older, louder and more confident voices REACT offers young people an opportunity to observe, experience, address and have their say.” Tobacco Factory Theatres Young Producers 2017. 

    Future REACT events include:

    The Stranger on The Bridge  Thu 16 May 7.30pm

    The Stranger on The Bridge is a heart-warming, inspiring and deeply moving account of what it is to struggle with mental illness but also how redemption can be found in the darkest and unlikeliest of moments. Join us for an evening of theatre and discussion! With some fantastic invited panellists, we’ll explore themes of mental health, kindness and strength.

    Invited panelists include:

    Lizzie Minnion  Director, The Stranger on the Bridge

    Sam Forsdike  Executive Producer, The Stranger on the Bridge

    Viki Browne  Artistic Director, Many Minds

    Past REACT events have included:

    Beautiful Thing  October 2018

    Beautiful Thing deals with themes of sexuality, bullying, homophobia and love. This discussion will focus on key themes from the play asking how relevant they are in today’s society.

    Panellists: Henry Poultney, Jamie Barry, Mike Tweddle, Sarah Louise-Minter

    A Brimful of Asha May 2017

    ‘A Brim-full of culture: How are our identities influenced by the cultures we interact with?’

    Panellists: Ravi Jain, Neha Mehta, Chante Joseph.

    Up Down Man November 2017

    ‘Being an adult, what does it mean, feel and look like in 2017?’

    Panellists: Sara Dean, Emily Bull, Brendan Murray

    Macbeth February 2018

    ‘Why do we need to be ruled?’

    Panellists: Alex King, Youth Mayor Eve Szczelkun and Deputy Mayor Asher Craig.