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    Beyond The Ridiculous

    • 19 Apr -
      21 Apr 2019
      19 Apr - 21 Apr 2019

    Holly Stoppit and Beyond The Ridiculous return to The Wardrobe Theatre for a 3-night celebration of the human condition!

    Beyond The Ridiculous perform Fooling, a solo improvisation form, where the fools use their own real life stories, feelings and thoughts as source material, choosing from a rage of performance techniques, including storytelling, character-work, clowning, physical theatre, movement and live music to create audaciously authentic, gob-smackingly resonant, instant theatre.

    Beyond The Ridiculous are a collective of individual theatre makers, teachers, directors and performers who regularly train fooling together with facilitator / dramatherapist Holly Stoppit.

    Artist’s Website


    • “I felt like people had gone inside my brain and acted it out to make me feel better and now I love everybody again.”

      Audience Reaction
    • “Violently hilarious, insightful, meandering journey through the funniest, lightest, darkest corners of the deranged comedic mind.”

      Audience Reaction
    • “A lot of joy. Amazing, REAL engaging theatre. We’re talking about what theatre sets out to do. The origins of theatre. Untranslated, original theatre.”

      Audience Reaction
    • “There wasn’t a moment that wasn’t just right.”

      Audience Reaction

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