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    I Am Echoborg is a funny, thought-provoking show created afresh each time by the audience in conversation with an artificial intelligence. The host sets the audience a challenge; to discover the best possible outcome for the relationship between humans and intelligent machines. But the AI has another agenda. The content, tone and ending of each show are different each time depending on the conversations that unfold.

    This is a pioneering use of AI as a tool to offer audiences genuine agency in an experiential exploration of the impacts of automation on what it is to be human. I am Echoborg was devised by award winning writer/director Rik Lander with conversational systems expert Phil D Hall. It was shortlisted for an Innovation in Storytelling Award at the 2018 Future of Storytelling Summit. Funded by the University of the West of England’s Arts, Education and Creative Industries Faculty and its Digital Cultures Research Centre.

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    • “I had tears running down my eyes I was laughing so hard. 10/10, would Echoborg again.”

      Audience Reaction
    • “I was astonished by the emotional effect the conversation had on me.”

      Audience Reaction
    • “We may all end up, within our lifetime, dealing with something like this. We better get ready.”

      Audience Reaction

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