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    Lisa Maria Berg

    Lisa Berg & Ellen Waddell DOUBLE BILL


    An exciting DOUBLE BILL of Edinburgh Fringe previews

    Lisa Berg: The Love of Stationery – 8pm

    ‘I collect bags of sugar from cafes and restaurants I’m in. I have a big collection. Often I forget that I’ve taken them with me home and somehow, if you apply time and pressure, they have the tendency to explode…’

    A one-woman dark comedy exploring the innermost thoughts of “Woman” – a collector of common things. She works in a stationery shop. Orderly displays of writing materials, and collecting irregular verbs, are her keenest passions. But one day an attractive man walks in to buy an eraser… and it’s love at first sight. At least for her. Plans are devised to land this man, to make him hers. Her dreams are shattered though when he is spotted talking to Deanne… funnier, smarter and more beautiful than Woman. Deanne cannot win. She cannot. Looks like Woman has some erasing of her own to do… A show that leaves us rooting for the underdog, while vowing to buy our stationery online in future….

    Ellen Waddell: Don’t Be Terrible – 9.30pm

    Can stand up save your love life?

    Self-confessed nice guy Steve thinks so. That’s why he’s asked Alice, an up and coming comedian, how to perform stand up. It’s his last-ditch attempt to distract his girlfriend from the ‘funny’ guy at work. However, the recently dumped Alice has her own prickly views on monogamy, performing and his motivations.

    A platonic friendship comedy (because spoiler alert, they don’t get together at the end) about love, making people laugh and how to fail successfully on stage.

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    8pm and 9.30pm

    • ****

      “A wonderfully subtle one-woman performance.”


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