Written by Joe White
    Directed by Jay Crutchley

    Our Young Theatre Makers (YTM) Perform Company present Navajos, directed by Jay Crutchley, our RTYDS Resident Assistant Director.

    It’s time to make a choice – follow the crowd or discover the true meaning of belonging. It is said that history is written by the victors, but what about the losers? The rebels, the punks and the misspent youths? What about the people that take fate into their
    own hands?

    Under the rise of the Nazi regime, a group of young people dared to say no. Dared to go against the status quo. Dared to be themselves and not conform to hate and division. This is their story.

    Navajos is an exciting tale of friendship, youthful energy and resistance that asks questions about the role of young people in our current political climate.

    • RUNNING TIMEApprox. 1hr 15mins
    • TICKETS£9
    • VENUE

    7.30pm / Matinee Thu 2pm

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