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    Phanton of the Opera

    Phantom Of The Opera with Live Score by Minima

    • 27 Oct -
      28 Oct 2017
      27 Oct - 28 Oct 2017

    This Halloween witness an electrifying live score of cello, drums, bass and guitar from Minima as they accompany this classic, fast-paced, dramatic film of obsession, kidnap, murder and revenge!

    Minima specialise in live accompaniment to silent films. Their electrifying new score for The Phantom Of The Opera captures the horror of the story but also finds pathos, romance and humour. Drums, bass, guitar and cello strike up a thrilling relationship with the film, following the Phantom down into his subterranean nightmare world.

    Press quotes from the film’s original 1925 release contest to its impact and drama: “Ultra fantastic melodrama” (New York Times); “Produced on a stupendous scale” (Moving Picture World); “Probably the greatest inducement to nightmare that has yet been screened” (Variety).

    Beneath the sewers of the Paris Opera House dwells a masked figure. He is the Phantom, a hideously disfigured composer whose dream is to turn chorus singer Christine into a diva. Lon Chaney, the “Man of a Thousand Faces”, dominates this classic adaptation of the 1910 novel. His ghastly make-up and outrageous performance made this one of the great classics of American silent film.

    Film critic Roger Ebert said in 2004 that “it has always been a question whether The Phantom Of The Opera is a great film, or only a great spectacle.” Either way, to see this film in 1925 was a truly shocking experience. Fast-moving and exciting, the film is a dramatic tale of obsession, kidnap, murder and revenge, beautifully tinted throughout and featuring an impressive sequence of early Technicolor as the Phantom appears at a masked ball.



    • “Minima are one of the leading bands accompanying silent film in Europe.”

      Robert Rider, Head of Cinema, the Barbican Centre
    • “Minima’s spine-tingling music clung to each twist of the movie… spellbinding accompaniment.”

    • “A superbly sinister live score by the soundtrack group Minima.”

      Financial Times

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