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    Prototype – June 2019

    • 16 Jun
      16 Jun - 16 Jun 2019

    Prototype nights are for both artists and audiences. 

    For artists Prototype offers the chance to share new ideas for performance with an engaged and supportive audience.

    For audiences it’s an opportunity to discover what’s being made right here, right now and to contribute to an essential stage in the creative process. Join us to see for yourself.

    The Line-Up:

    Clay Party and Conflicted Theatre – Fiji

    I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m not sure how to proceed from here.

    Clay Party and Conflicted Theatre Company present a new scratch performance written and created by Pedro Leandro, Edward Stone & Evan Lordan.

    Sam is a student. Nick is a teacher. They are seeing each other in person for the first time this evening after having met online. Nothing too out of the ordinary for this day and age, right?

    A play about a love that is appalling, gruesome, grim & taboo… even for you. Somehow it is also very pure, funny and sweet. How far should we let two consenting men take their dangerous & forbidden desires?

    Palomar Theatre – Isle Of Apples 

    Inside a swimming pool changing room, on the edge of Lake Avalon, four Victorian women meet. They have lived their lives modelling mythology: Ophelia, Guinevere, Godiva, Mary, Lilith- but now they’ll get the chance to share their own stories….

    Using Palomar’s signature style of new writing, striking visuals and effortless movement, Isle of Apples explores the lives of a group of Pre-Raphaelite muses to question why women have historically been prescribed the role of ‘victim’ and interrogate whether it’s now within our power to change this.

    Bryn Thomas – Herb of Sour Grace

    Herb of Sour Grace is about our connection to land and belonging, the working title comes from a Shakespeare quote about the herb ‘Rue’ which was used in medieval cookery and had a bitter taste linking it to regret, which is where the expression ‘Rue the day’ comes from. How does our connection to land inform our identity. It revels in the idiosyncrasies that accumulate to give us a sense of self and asks; How can this identity be inclusive?

    Kerensa Diball – The Kick Inside

    Kerensa Diball has decided she’s not having children. Whenever she expresses this, she gets curious and mixed reactions.

    The Kick Inside is an autobiographical, solo performance. It is one woman coming to terms with her decision not to have children. Kerensa considers her mother’s desire for grandchildren, cracks open the canon of capitalism, mourns her lack of female role models – and embarks on a quest to become a childless goddess.

    Expect absurd humour, psychedelic trips, a breeding aphid and a bit of bad dancing in an attempt to avoid those quiet moments where fear and loneliness creep in.


    Want to be part of Prototype?
    Applications to take part in our November Prototype will open in July 2019. If you are an artist and you have questions about Prototype please email artists@tobaccofactorytheatres.com

    • RUNNING TIME2hrs (inc interval)
    • TICKETS£5
    • VENUE


    Unreserved seating


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