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    Private: Prototype – November 2019

    • 10 Nov
      10 Nov - 10 Nov 2019

    Prototype nights are for both artists and audiences.

    For artists they’re the chance to share new ideas for performance with an engaged and supportive audience.

    For audiences it’s an opportunity to discover what’s being made right here, right now and to contribute to an essential stage in the creative process. Join us to see for yourself.

    The line-up for Sun 10 November: 

    Histronic Theatre – Out of the Manosphere
    Out of the Manosphere takes its audience on a journey into the online world of a real alt-right misogynist community, exploring how its extreme ideologies hold together and how a person can begin to lose their sense of reality on the internet.

    Jarek Adams – Methusala
    Methuselah is a solo play which encourages audiences to explore the downside of people living longer, and the choices we might face for ourselves or our loved ones as we age.

    Left Bollock Productions – Mansplained
    Mansplained is about men. Told through music, clowning and performance poetry, Mansplained deals with toxic Love Island lads; the bravado that fuels Boris Johnson and Piers Morgan; and just why white old men find Greta Thunberg so terrifying.

    Danielle Bjelic – WE THREE
    A story about three generations of women from the same family; how they relate to each other and to the absent men in their lives, whilst dealing with difficult truths and learning to accept them.

    Want to be part of Prototype?
    Prototype has a regular bi-annual slot in our Spring and Autumn programme and we’ll publish the call out for applications on our website in advance of each event.

    If you are an artist and have any questions about Prototype please email artists@tobaccofactorytheatres.com


    Unreserved seating


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