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    Sinbad The Sailor

    • 01 Sep -
      01 Sep 2019
      01 Sep - 01 Sep 2019

    Wild Words presents a magical storytelling, theatre and dance show for ages 5-10 preceded by a drama and dance playshop.

    PLAYSHOP: 10.45am-11.20am | 2.30pm-3.10pm
    Swim like a whale, swing like a monkey, squawk like a parakeet and learn a dance to perform in the show. Come dressed in your finest Arabian Nights’ inspired cloth!

    SHOW: 11.45pm | 3.30pm

    Jump on board an ancient sewn ship, hoist the mainsail and journey across the Arabian Sea to destinations unknown for adventure after adventure with one of the most famous seafarers of all time… Sindbad the Tailor oops! Sindbad the Emailor errgh…? Sindbad the SAILOR! Ahh!

    Join his reckless crew to escape from the spew and spit of a spuming whale, marvel at bejeweled somersaulting sheep, confront the dangers of banana propelling monkeys and help solve the moral dilemma of the watermelon headed man! Featuring live Arabic dance… hair dryers, hoovers and hoummus as extras!

    So Salam ‘alaykum, greetings of Peace to you from Sindbad the Sailor – may your beards grow bushy, your baked beans prosper and your Brexit plans be forgiven and bare fruit for all… In’sha’llh.

    Brought to you by Wild Words with storyteller/performer Michael Loader and dancer Natalie Bibi (Club Cairo).

    Artist’s Website

    10.45am and 2.30pm

    • “Michael clearly has storytelling in his soul and his love of people and engaging the audience in the story is abundantly apparent.”

      Treefest National Arboretum
    • “Best show ever, I now have a stitch from laughing!”

      Machynllech Comedy Fest
    • “I come from Baghdad in Iraq and would like you thank you for representing my people and my country so well.”

      Machynllech Comedy Fest
    • “His stories are full of drama, side-splitting humour and straightforward narrative. His positivity is infectious. Highly recommended!”

      Hand to Mouth Theatre

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