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    SPARK: A Festival Of Art

    • 19 May
      19 May - 19 May 2019

    SPARK: A Festival of Art is a night of exciting new work, organised and produced by Tobacco Factory Theatres’s team of Young Producers. It’s back. It’s bigger. It’s better than ever: we bring you SPARK 2019.

    Pulling together a vast and diverse field of work into one electric night, SPARK showcases the newest, boldest and most compelling young artists and makers from across Bristol.

    Watch the young artists of Bristol perform and present their work across three spaces at Tobacco Factory Theatres.

    From stand-up comedy to theatre, dance to performance art, poetry to film, and everything in between, SPARK will be a night of innovation that you’ll never forget.

    We invite you to celebrate art in all its forms: hear creative voices, engage with our concerns and unite with our creativity. In a world of division and uncertainty, come together and see what our young artists can think, say, and do.

    If you’re curious, if you’re angry, or if you’re hopeful – this is an evening for you.

    Line Up

    In the bar:

    Unravel, Lilith Wozniak – Performance Art, 6.55pm 

    A newly knitted scarf is unravelled. Counting the days since the knitting began, the performer tries to see how much she can remember and whether her days have added up to anything.

    Handle With Care, Leeza Awojobi – Spoken Word, 7.35pm  

    This piece examines the complexities and fragility of the human experience from childhood to our obsession with mobile phones and questioning human cynicism.

    Garden, Adelaide Percy – Music/ Poetry, 8.20pm

    Garden fuses acoustic guitar, rhythmic words and vocals to explore the union of humans and nature.

    Dyslexic Dan, Daniel Durkin – Spoken Word, 8.50pm

    Durkin examines the bigger picture of dyslexia and asks the audience to look past reductive definitions and question how we handle dyslexia in schools.

    Please note, this piece contains strong language. 

    Tiptoeing through, James Auckland & Diwas Dewan – Movement/ Performance Art, 9.35pm

    Through movement, gesture and sound we test and explore group dynamics in this behavioural study, revealing reflective and contradicting logic, interaction and customs between people.


    In the Spielman Theatre:

    SKIN, Katie Anderson & Adele Le Gallez – Physical Theatre, 6.55pm

    SKIN looks at the toxic relationship between Sarah Harriet Thomas and Elizabeth Jeffries, in an exploration of empowerment, bitching and femininity.

    On the Way to Language, Carlota Martos – Movement/ Theatre, 7.35pm

    Through looking towards the body, this piece delves into the importance of language, and the alienating experience of moving to a foreign country.

    Somebody’s Child, Tim Lo – Dance/ Spoken Word, 8.20pm 

    Interweaving dance and spoken word, Tim’s debut solo piece Somebody’s Child is a moving, poignant and uplifting expression of love created in response to their mother’s illness.

    I Just Want Somebody to Know I Was Here, Jonathan Oldfield – Storytelling/ Theatre, 8.50pm

    The story of a box discovered by deep sea divers in a shipwreck in 1901. This piece looks at the nature of storytelling and mourning through a dual narrative.

    Bandersnatch, Molly Ingle – Poetry/ Stand Up 9.35pm 

    Molly’s poems delve into taboos of female sexuality, through a millennial woman’s disappointing sex life and her efforts to improve it.

    Please note, this performance contains themes of a sexual nature. 


    In the Factory Theatre:

    Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice, Ruby Burgess – Comedy/ Performance, 6.35pm

    Ruby asks you to prepare for a delectable assortment of sticky subjects often glazed over in her food theatre piece. This confessional confectionery will leave you with an appetite for crumbling the pastry-archy.

    Please note this performance contains references to sexual assault and abortion. 

    By The Way, Silas Gorott Cain – Dance, 7.15pm

    An original solo piece looks into the fears and joys of realising you identify as transgender.

    Please note this performance contains themes  of violence. 

    Time is Fucking- Mad, Hannah Bush, Yves Morris, Kitty Lyell, Nem Bengry-Howell – Devised/ Theatre, 8pm

    Do you wish you had more time? Do you wish time went faster in those boring afternoons? Do you wish you could go back? Through devised, explosive, wild theatre, these very questions will be answered!

    Please note this performance contains strong language and use of strobe lighting. 

    GREY SPACE, Isabella Culver – New Writing/ Rehearsed Reading, 9.10pm 

    This script in hand performance responds to the #Metoo movement, and delves into the power of language in society, questioning how context can completely change the same set of words.

    Please note this performance contains strong language, sexual references and references to sexual assault. 

    Punch, Emma Rogerson – New writing/ Theatre, 9.50pm

    This lyrical feminist piece of new writing interrogates gender imbalance in the arts and the predominance of certain demographics in the artistic canon.


    In the Meeting Room:

    All films on a loop

    How to Survive a Night in IKEA, Lilith Wozniak – Film

    This film explores DIY culture, the call of the wild and foxes in IKEA.

    A Vibrant Youth, Sebastian Peters – Photography

    An ongoing series of portraits exploring the creative youth of Bristol and the way they present themselves.

    Flying Screwdrivers, Weronika Dwornik – Film

    Surrealist film about remembering, being remembered and someone who tried to invent a Flying Screwdriver.


    In the Dressing Room:

    All The Threads you Left Behind, Anna Rathbone Performance-installation, 8.15pm

    A five-minute performance-installation experienced by one audience member at a time, using wool, light and memories to create an environment in which to explore grief, and who and what gets left behind.

    Please note this performance takes place in low light, and can be experienced via headphones or by reading. Book a slot on the day of the festival to experience this piece. it also contains reference to suicide and grief. 


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