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    Young Theatre Makers 7:10 / 11:13 Autumn Performance 2019

    • 23 Nov
      23 Nov - 23 Nov 2019

    Our Young Theatre Makers have taken inspiration from traditional folk tales and other stories to create these new shows, exploring magical and often malevolent worlds…

    YTM 7:10 Monday

    Welcome to our town, there is a river that runs through the middle of it, children used to play in it in the summer, but we are an industrial little place, there is profit to be made. So there is waste, it’s to be expected. That’s progress!

    But this little town has a problem and they need help! How will the arrival of the stranger change their lives?

    Using puppetry and exploring contemporary themes, join us for a new take on a classic tale!


    YTM 7:10 Tuesday

    A group of woodcutters enter a dark forest to go about their work, but things are never as they seem in this place.

    As they begin to weave a story of an adventurous girl, a magic doll and an evil witch, things get even stranger! With mystic skulls, floating hands and a curious house built on chicken legs… Welcome to the world of Babayaga!

    An old Russian fairy tale adapted to include a lot more magic and a bit more mischief.


    YTM 11:13

    What makes a story a story?

    What makes one more loved than another?

    Is it a character?

    A quest?

    The beginning?

    The end?

    It’s much more than what’s on the cover

    Taking shelter in a library, a group of teenagers encounter a world of stories and characters and realise things aren’t always what they seem…

    We invite you to join them on this adventure – who knows where it may end?

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