Young Theatre Makers Performance


    One night. Two Young Theatre Maker companies. Two completely new pieces of theatre, devised over ten weeks. Let our Young Theatre Makers lead you to the sea for an evening of nautical stories and adventure…

    YTM 8:10 PRESENT

    Did you ever hear the story of the young girl Sylvie?
    She was poorer than poor, singing down by the sea,
    Her family had nothing, she was desperate to find,
    Some money, some something, someone who was kind….

    Inspired by the Scottish folklore tale of The Merman, YTM 8:10 have created their own adaptation, writing poems and songs, devising scenes and characters and working together to create an ensemble retelling of the story.

    YTM 8:10s work has been influenced by stories from the sea and the many people and creatures that live a life in the water or on the shore.

    Devised and performed by the company
    Written and directed by Lucy Carkeek and Eleanor Hope-Jones.

    YTM 11:13 PRESENT

    Many years ago, just off the mainland of Lobster, was an island called Whale and on it was Whaletown. They say Whaletown was a small ex-fishing town with an 80s bar, a retirement home, a sushi bar and a town hall. If you talk to the old people on the mainland they’ll tell you about how one day the bridge between Whaletown and the mainland snapped, and the island began to leave.

    Now that all remains are a box of letters and an old pier from the mainland which looks, from the right angle, like half of a bridge.

    Inspired by a short story by Jonathan Safran Foer, YTM 11:13 tell a story of friendship, love and belonging.

    Devised and performed by the company
    Written and directed by Corinne Walker and Stephanie Kempson
    Music by Alex Heane


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