We are immensely grateful for the generous support of our Business Club and Production Sponsors, our Friends, Champions, Patrons and Benefactors and Production Fund Donors, and the support of several charitable trusts. We also remain indebted to our Fans For Life whose support was instrumental in the early years of the theatre. Thank you.


    Thank you to our core funders whose logos you can see at the bottom of each page of our website.


    Geoff Clements
    Vivien Kies
    Tim and Judith Lockwood Jones
    Peter and Helen Wilde

    Alison Ackroyd
    Martin and Mary Bailey
    John Bedford
    Ian Carpenter
    Rebecca Channack
    David Croom
    Richard Farrer
    Alison and Andrew Giles
    Tim Grice
    Jack and Rosemary House
    Ruth Illston
    Yvette Kydd
    John Manley
    Andy and Lisa Marshall
    John Molyneux
    Graham Pegg
    Alan and Margaret Rayfield
    Pat Rowe
    Tony Rowlands
    Andrew and Decia Smith
    Julian Thomas
    Carol Trelawny-Ross
    Martin and Carole Webb

    David and Dora Alderson, John & Rhian Ashton, Stephen & Jacquelyn Banks, Anthony Barker, Mary Barnes, Maureen Bate, Jenny & Ken Biggs, Amanda Bond, Nev Boundy, Leo Brady, Frances Butt, Sarah Cemlyn, Jo & Timothy Chambers, Helen Chambers, Christopher & Sally Clark, Isobel Clark, David & Shirley Clegg, Ben Cosh, Martin & Christine Cottis, David & Judy Crawford, Margaret K Croft, Pauline Daniels, Pauline Darley, Margaret Dickinson, Jennifer Dean Hart, Reagan D’Mello, George & Cynthia Dobson, Tim Evans, Cliff Eyers, Virginia Flew, Malcolm & Caroline Gamlin, Christopher Greef, Hugh Gregor, Pat Gregory, Moira Halls, Margaret Hansen, Judy Harrison & David Miles, Linda Harrison, David Harrowes, Susan Hawkins, Max Headley, Jenny Hoadley, Susan Holden, Al Howat & Salima Damani, Daniel Huertas, Shelagh Jeacocke, Betty & Geoffrey Jones, Christopher & Jessamy Kerr, Brenda Lowe, Benedict Mackay, Simon Maddison, Roger & Diana Maingot, Frank Martin, Dawn May, Meg Mayhew & Jim Mckerron, Norman & Janetta Mitchinson, Ruth & Gary Moesby, Ann & Ian Morrison, Anita & Frances Newall, Tim Nicholson, Sue Orkney, Sarah Parsons, Albert & Pauline Pearson, Brian Pickering, Richard Pickett, Pat Prior, Alec Reid, Frances Roberts, Lynn Robinson, Peter Scholey & Brigid Allen, Margaret and Malcolm Scott, Andrew Sinclair, Adrian Slade, Paul Slade, Jane & John Sleigh, Sue Stops, Irene Threasher, Joanna Wallis, Helen Wehner, Sue West, Clive Weston, Bridget Wilberforce, Judith Williams, Paul & Elizabeth Whitehouse, Hilary Williams, Catherine Zollman & Jerome Ungoed-Thomas. And those who wish to remain anonymous.


    For core support:
    Garfield Weston Foundation
    The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

    For support of in-house productions:
    John Ellerman Foundation

    For support of Assistant Director posts for The Borrowers and the Factory Company Season 2019:
    The Garrick Charitable Trust

    We are hugely grateful to our Get Involved supporters. Thank you to:

    IOP Publishing
    Quartet Community Foundation
    The Leonard Laity Stoate Charitable Trust
    Margaret Guido’s Charitable Trust
    The Dan Hickey Fund
    The Thistle Trust
    John and Mim Hollingdale

    DM Thomas Foundation for Young People supporting our ‘Schools Take Over ‘Project

    Redmaids High School supporting Get Involved for Young People