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    Sophie Hates Theatre

    • 01 Dec -
      01 Dec 2018
      01 Dec - 01 Dec 2018

    Like the Von Trapps, except nothing like the Von Trapps…

    Lucy has dedicated her life to the theatre. Growing up she spent her summers leaping in the background of youth productions. Now, she relentlessly hops from auditions to her day job as an actor in London. Performing runs through her blood.

    Sophie, her big sister, is a crotchety academic who hates the world of theatre. Sophie has decided it’s finally time to let performers know how much she hates them. She is doing this in the only way she knows she can get their attention: putting it in a play. She’s forcing Lucy to help her, but Lucy has her own plan. She’s trying to change Sophie’s mind.

    Sophie Hates Theatre is a funny, charming exploration into diverse experiences of theatre, seen through the eyes of two members of one family. The production uses stories from childhood, teenagerhood and adulthood to create something you (and hopefully Sophie) will enjoy. It critically examines the pleasures and problems of theatre using comedy, flash dance, manifesto, informal storytelling and having a chat.

    Imagine the Von Trapps, but if there were only two of them, they engaged in critical discourse, were uniquely charming and disagreed more. So… nothing like the Von Trapps then.

    Platform is a series of brand new shows all made here in Bristol following Artist Residencies at Tobacco Factory Theatres. South West artists Rosa Eaton, The Bishop Sisters and Tom Marshman make their Spielman Theatre debuts with their finished performances.

    AGE RECOMMENDATION 13+ (contains some strong language)

    2pm & 8pm

    MULTIBUYS Book all three Platform shows and SAVE 15%

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